Extraordinary Play Structures For Kids

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Green Tree Play is proud to present many exceptional sets of play structures to inspire and excite all your family .                                              We have an excellent selection of play houses, climbing frames, swings, and play units suitable for kids of all ages as well as accessories.                     All our playhouses are made in Ireland following strict safety requirements for children's toys, we use only the best materials available: High pressure treated, smooth - no splinters wood.

Also we specialising in bespoke design tree houses.                                                                               Green Tree Play was formed in 2009, with the ambition to create excellent children's play equipment, giving our customers the opportunity to own high quality play structures built to last.     Over past years we have achieved this goal and earned reputation with Green Tree Play brand being synonymous with innovation, high quality and durability.





​Child Development

As you watch your child climb on the playhouse, hang from the

monkey bars or swing, you are probably thinking that you are providing an opportunity for fun, energy burn off and some muscle building. In fact the importance of motor activity is vital in every area of a child's optimum overall development.​

Large play equipment facilitates physical activity and large muscle development. Climbing, running build strong muscles, agility and strength, with an increased heart rate bringing more oxygen to organs and muscles. Playing enhances cognitive development (perception, thinking, decision making, problem solving, memory). The ability to think through necessary steps to achieve a goal is fostered. Repetitive actions and successes and failures at tasks advance a child's critical thinking and problem solving skills. Children learn countless skills through play.

Be sure to get a backyard play set for your children so that they can enjoy it every day! The lessons they learn will be used for a lifetime.


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